Averill's work can always be seen at the Enamelist's Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia.


Averill's long experience producing enamels combined with her scientific background make her one of the most skilled enamelists working today.

Both skills and knowledge are conveyed to students in her workshops. Her aim is to enable her students to do better work by giving them the technical information they need and encouraging them to think about what is happening. She was recently told by a student, "I learned more from talking to you for 10 minutes than I learned in a workshop I just took!"

August 7-9, 2017 - Averill will be teaching a workshop for the Enamelist Society as part of Alchemy 4, their biennial conference. It will be held at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg TN. Registration is now open. Information is on the Enamelist Society website.

Exploring Eutectics: Enameling in the Twilight Zone

The focus of this workshop will be to learn about the eutectic process, a chemical reaction that occurs when 2 or more materials (in this case, copper and silver) are heated together to a temperature high enough to cause them to react together and form a new alloy. The reaction is instantaneous, and when it occurs in the company of enamel, the enamel gets pushed aside. It is an exciting process, and the effects can be very dramatic. The process can be controlled to some degree, which students will learn how while they work on small bowls, 2-D copper and small jewelry pieces. Some enameling experience is needed although serious beginners can be accommodated. Sifting techniques will be used almost exclusively. The class will begin with a review of some technical information about enamels and a demonstration of proper sifting that enables better control of the enamel coat being applied. Students will be encouraged to do their own experiments with the technique. Most find it really exciting to be working in a completely new way with enamels.

Averill is one of two enamelists, the other being Jamie Frechette, who have explored this process in depth. They taught together in a workshop at the 2013 Enamelist Society Conference. Averill has taught it as part of the Radical Enameling workshops sponsored by the Center for Enamel Art in Oakland, for the Enamel Guild/Northeast, and has regularly included it as part of her Experimental Enameling workshops at John C. Campbell Folk School.