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Welcome to, featuring the work of Averill B. Shepps, an artist working in enamels. Here you may learn more about the artist and come to a better understanding of the difficult medium by which glass and metal are bonded. Here you may view the artist's work in the Gallery, check on her background, see a demonstration and explanation of how enamels are made, and view work by others working in the medium.

Enameling can be defined as the firing of glass onto metal, a process that has been known for centuries. Enamels have had practical applications, such as in the manufacture of cookware and stoves, but enamels have also been used to create decorative objects. People have always been attracted to transparent enamels which look very much like jewels when properly done.

Contemporary enamelists are few in number, because the medium is demanding and unforgiving. However, when done well, the results can be wonderful. The rich color of transparent enamels fired over polished metal is wondrous and fascinating. As the observer turns a piece in the light, different colors appear more prominent; the design changes and comes alive. One can literally get lost in viewing a fine enamel, turning it in the light and enjoying its depth, observing the changes in hue and pattern. Everything depends on the reflection of light, on light being directed into the piece to the metal background, and then being reflected back through the various layers of color that have been fired onto the metal.

Three Mile Island Cooling Towers
6 ¾" diameter
ALCHEMY, the 13th Biennial International Juried Exhibition and the 9th International Student Exhibition, both sponsored by the Enamelist Society, was held September 9 - October 29 at the Sandra Blain Gallery at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg TN. The exhibitions travelled to the Knoxville Museum or Art , Knoxville TN, November 14 - January 13, 2012; and to the National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis TN, March 9 - June 3, 2012.

Averill's plate, "Three Mile Island Cooling Towers", seen on the left, was given an award by the jurors of ALCHEMY. Her plate, "Air Pollution", seen below, was also accepted into the exhibition.

Averill has been featured in the Smith College Alumnae Association online magazine.

"Environmental Statements", an exhibition of Averill's work, was on view at the Enamelists Gallery at the Torpedo Factory, April 4 - May 1, 2011. New, experimental works were shown, all representing different kinds of environmental destruction. Three works in the series are in the collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation.

A piece from the series will be exhibited in Beyond Borders: Experimentation and Innovation in Enameling, a juried exhibition of the Northern California Enamling Guild. The exhibition will run September 15 - November 9, 2012. It will be hosted by the Richmond Arts Center, South Gallery.

Averill's enameling video demonstration has logged over 50,000 views on YouTube.

Averill's enamels and a write-up of one of her techniques, with step-by-step photos, are featured in The Art of Fine Enameling, by Karen L. Cohen. Published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 2002, the book contains 21 projects as well as 170 photos of finished enamels.

Photographs of her work and a write-up of another of her techniques are featured in Contemporary Enameling: Art and Techniques by Lilyan Bachrach. Published by Schiffer Publishing Co., 2006.

One of Averill's bowls is featured in the book 500 Enameled Objects: A Celebration of Color on Metal, published by Lark Books, 2009.

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